Davy Shen

Executive Director

Davy is a Executive Director of Sky9 Capital. Davy has over 5 years of venture capital experience and focuses on a number of key areas, including mobile internet, consumer internet, social networks, ecommerce, amongst others.

Previously, Davy was a Partner of Zhonglu Capital, an early-stage venture fund founded by Zhonglu Group Chairman Rong Chen. During Davy’s tenure there, Zhonglu Capital was honored as a Top 10 early-stage venture fund by Zero2IPO and ChinaVentures and ranked by CYZone as one of China’s most active funds because they invested in over 100 companies. Davy invested and participated in companies including U-bicycle, Amor flora, TOUCH, Pindou, Good Chief/Liking Fit, Raventech, Meilimei, Chuanlaoda, Gongchengbing, Hellomoney, etc.

Davy holds a B.S. in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics and a M.S. in Actuarial Science from Fudan University.