The ultimate purpose of creating social wealth, is to make the world a better one.
Along the way of Sky9, social responsibility is always engraved in our philosophy.

Venture Philanthropy:
Sky3 Seed Foundation

Children are the flowers of the society and need to be cared most. Everyone of Sky9 hopes sincerely that all the children around the world can grow up healthily and happily. Therefore, Sky9 established Sky3 Seed Foundation focusing on children and disadvantaged groups, supporting poverty alleviation and education projects. By solving social problems, we work for a brighter future together.

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Social Impact Fund

Social Impact Fund is a new fund of Sky9, focusing specially on the projects with positive social impacts and bringing financial returns in the traditional sense. It aims to create positive influence which benefits the society, and to solve social problems in an efficient way. Evaluating the performance of an investment should not only refer to ROI, but also social impact, which is positive and measurable.

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Portfolio CSR Activity

Sky9’s portfolio companies are not just capable of creating social wealth, but also supportive to take social responsibilities. These companies pay back the society during the track of their developments. Sky9 will work with these companies, share their valuable experience and explore the methods to fulfill social responsibilities together.

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