Cliff Village Investigation

Fundraising: 30000 yuan
Project impact: 650 million yuan

The average income of the villagers increased more than 7 times. More than 90% of the village were out of poverty.

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With the two successive funding of Sky3 Seed, on May 24, 2016, the journalist Jie Chen reported the story of the children in the cliff village climbing the rattan ladder for schooling titled Village on the Cliff in The Beijing News. The reports drew great attention of the government and the society, who worked together for Cliff Village’s welfare.

Rainbow Bag

Fundraising: 50000 yuan
Project impact: 2.85 million yuan

As of the end of July, 2018, a total of 8 sessions have been carried out, involving a total of 18 provinces and 71 cities. A total of 376 schools (including 9 communities), 45,900 students have received the services.

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Over 70 million rural and left-behind children are lacking in arts education. They are typically only taught Chinese and math, with virtually no access to other courses. The education project “Rainbow Bag” that Sky3 Seed foundation designed with Maitian Education Foundation has gained a lot of success since piloting courses. We are astonished by the amazing creativity of these children.

Hospice Care Ward

Fundraising: 30000 yuan
Project impact: undetermined

In 2017, China’s first children’s hospice care ward “Daisy House” was built.

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When all the medical treatments are useless to save a young life, what’s left can we do for him? To let these children leave this world with dignity, Sky3 Seed participated in the preparation of China’s first children’s hospice care ward. Besides pain relief, the most important meaning of hospice care is to help the living to slowly accept and adapt the process with more farewell time and less regrets.