Davy Shen

Executive Director

Davy is an Executive Director of Sky9 Capital. He focuses on a number of key areas, including mobile internet, consumer internet, social networks, and e-commerce, amongst others.

Davy has over 7 years of venture capital experience. He has invested in companies including Energy Monster, Biren Technology, Home, CHAMPZEE, Xiaohulu, Soda, Spot, Songshu Pinpin, eBroker, WutaCam, Amor flora, TOUCH, Good Chief/Liking Fit, Meilimei and Raventech.

Previously, Davy was a Partner of Zhonglu Capital, an early-stage venture fund founded by Zhonglu Group Chairman Rong Chen. During Davy’s tenure there, Zhonglu Capital was honored as a Top 10 early-stage venture fund by Zero2IPO and ChinaVentures and ranked by CYZone as one of China’s most active funds because they invested in over 100 companies.

Davy holds a B.S. in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics and a M.S. in Actuarial Science from Fudan University.