Carina Sun

Finance Director

Carina is the Finance Director of Sky9 Capital.  She is responsible for the firm’s financial management, reporting, audit, tax, risk management, compliance, investor relations, and back-office operations.

Previously, Carina was a Finance Manager at Goldman Sachs Broad Street Equity Investment Management, a China-focused growth equity fund managed by Goldman Sachs.  Carina was responsible for internal and external financial, tax and regulatory reports and provided investment-related consultation regarding aspects of the portfolio’s financial, tax and bank-operations.  Prior to that, Carina was Controller of Beijing Gaohua Securities, the securities subsidiary of Goldman Sachs in China. Carina was responsible for various regulatory, group and management reports, and she helped Goldman Sachs to acquire and integrate Qiankun Futures Company into the Group’s own company policies, internal controls and financial reporting systems. Carina started her career as an auditor at KPMG, where she led on-site audit teams for various industrial companies, including Siemens, BMW and Fujitsu. 

Carina graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics in China with a B.S. in Finance and received a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Manchester, U.K.