Responsible Investment and ESG

Responsibility and Impact as Venture Investors

Environment, Social and Governance factors are important elements in the investment decision making progress for Sky9 Capital. Together with innovators and entrepreneurs, we use capital, technology, and business innovation to achieve greater good and serve for the broader communities.

Why Social Impact and ESG?

In our investment portfolios, many entrepreneurs and companies have discovered and seized the opportunities for sustainable growth and business success at same time. Their technological and business innovations change the world at an unprecedented speed and accelerate social and economic development.

Such investment thought not only generates sustainable and outstanding financial performance, but also unleashes innovators’ potential in creating value in economic, social and environmental aspects, and shares the benefits of innovation with vast majority of people.

From Our Innovators

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly used across myriad industrie. By helping workers in the industry to transform and upgrade their skills, more people can benefit from the renewal and iteration of technology.

Contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Digital transformation affects all. For small and medium enterprises, it provides infrastructure solutions that are reliable, cost efficient and agile, resulting in enhanced industry competitiveness.

Contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Biology and food technology are game changers in traditional agriculture. Companies pioneering in plant-based meat and cell culture protein extraction have solutions to reduce carbon emissions and attain food security.

Contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals