General Intelligence Computing Solutions Provider CIX Completes Angel and Angel+ Round Financing with Participation of Sky9 Capital


General intelligence computing solutions provider, CIX (此芯科技) announced that it has completed angel and angel+ rounds of financing totaling tens of millions of dollars. Sky9 Capital participated in the Angel+ round led by Qiming Venture Partners. These funds will be used to accelerate the R&D and market expansion.

Established in October 2021, CIX is committed to developing a general intelligence computing system compatible with ARM, providing one-stop solutions for semiconductor products. The company has strong technical expertise in the fields of CPU R&D, SoC (System on Chip) and full-stack software development.

Ron Cao, Founder and Partner of Sky9 Capital, said: “Recently, the Apple M1 series, Nvidia Grace, Ampere and the new ARM architecture have shown the great performance potential of ARM, and let us see the opportunities generated by ARM CPU. Whether at a high-performance terminal or a data center, ARM CPU can provide the same or even better performance than x86. In addition, it can adapt to various scenarios by providing better system integration. CIX has a world class technical team with an average of more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and a deep understanding of technology, products, market and ecology. We are fully confident in them and believe that CIX will become a leader in the industry.”

Wenjian Sun, Founder and CEO of CIX, said: “The development of general intelligence chips have come to an age of revolution. To reach the goal of carbon peak and neutrality, the world is eagerly anticipating high energy efficient computing power. We are honored to be recognized by the industry and many top institutional investors in these early stages of CIX’s establishment. We are well aware that we are shouldering great mission and social responsibility and we believe we can become a first-class company in the industry.”

At this early stage, CIX will focus on general intelligence computing that can be applied in all terminals, such as laptop, desktop, high-end tablet PC, AR and VR. In the future, CIX plans to gradually break through the bottlenecks of existing solutions in the fields of metaverse, edge computing, cloud computing, high-performance general intelligence computing and so on. Finally, its aims to build a high-performance, low-power and complete computing platform integrating terminals, edges and cloud.