Home was established in January, 2016. It is a furniture and home furnishings platform based on the concept of the sharing economy. On this platform, potential customers can visit an existing customer’s home to see and experience the products in a real-world setting. Due to the efficiency of this model, customers can buy quality furniture at half the price compared to other sellers. Currently, the platform is focused on furniture and household products.

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Home’s business model combines “online sales + sharing economy,” which improves the efficiency and shares the value with customers while benefiting society.

Potential customers don’t need to go shopping at multiple furniture markets, so they can save plenty of time while simultaneously buying quality products at attractive prices.

Prior customers can join the network and use their home as a virtual showroom at their convenience. They can receive a commission for any successful sales and also remain socially connected with potential customers who visit.

If large furniture markets one day are unnecessary or even obsolete, one could imagine converting them to parks and fields or other green and social settings. By wasting fewer resources and reducing pollution from relatively inefficient furniture markets, we can reduce the social costs of the traditional furniture retail model.


DaVdian – Enlightening Lives through Reading

When DaVdian was established, its vision was to help mothers improve themselves and address the problems they face during child raising, using parenting courses. With an innovative community model, DaVdian provides mothers services on multiple levels, including shopping, communicating, educating and living, guiding them to become better mothers and making mothering less difficult.

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Making Better Moms and Making Moms Better
Often what stumps new mothers are the puzzles of child raising. Some of them need to take care of both career and family, and for most of them, it is their first time being a mom. That’s why DaVdian’s Mother University emerged. Mother University is an online learning platform specifically for mothers, providing valuable knowledge which can truly help them improve. To date, Mother University has accumulated over 1,000 free lessons about parenting which have been viewed by more than 50 million mothers, thereby influencing millions and millions of families.

Online and Offline, Create a New Maternity Eco-system
DaVdian also encourages mothers to get out of their houses to take part in its offline activities, such as “Mama Stories.” Through online classrooms, DaVdian trains the mothers to be good storytellers and provides them with books, supplies, and other support, inspiring the mothers to conduct story-telling groups themselves and to popularize parent-child reading. In 2016, DaVdian cooperated with the China Social Welfare Foundation and started the public welfare project, “Read for Love,” advocating parent-child reading within Chinese families.

Enlighten Lives with Books
To date, DaVdian has donated over RMB2 million of children’s picture books and story books. DaVdian has also provided parenting guide books and activities, such as open courses. Hundreds of thousands of children and their families have connected through picture books and have been enlightened by reading.