The ultimate purpose of creating societal wealth is to make the world a better place.
At Sky9, developing social responsibility is a core part of our own corporate development journey.

Venture Philanthropy:
Sky3 Seed Foundation

There is a saying that children are like the flower blossoms of society; they are the future, but they need to be nurtured and cared for today. To that end, Sky9 established Sky3 Seed Foundation, focusing on children and disadvantaged groups while supporting poverty alleviation and education projects. Everyone at Sky9 hopes that by working together to address social problems and creating a better tomorrow, children everywhere can grow up healthy and happy.

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Social Impact Fund

The Social Impact Fund is a new Sky9 initiative focused on investing in social impact projects that also generate financial returns. This fund’s goal is identify investments which can generate positive social returns in a highly efficient way. The performance of investments should be measured by both ROI and quantifiable social impact metrics.

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Portfolio CSR Activity

We believe Sky9’s portfolio companies are not only great investments, but they are also great companies who understand and appreciate corporate social responsibility. As the companies grow, they are able to contribute more to CSR awareness and activities. Sky9 works with portfolio companies to share valuable experience.

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